State Academic Philharmonic of Astana

Abdrakhmanov Saken Seytkalievich General and artistic Director

Abdrakhmanov Saken Seytkalievich in 1998 was invited to Astana for the post of Head of the Department of Culture Arts Department of Astana, and a year later to the position of the Palace "Zhastar" director. From January 2002 to November 2002 he was artistic director of the SCCE "Congress Hall", and in November 2002 he was appointed General Director and artistic director of the State Philharmonic of Astana akimat. Under his leadership, 13 creative teams was opened in the State Philharmonic, which operate to this day. Saken Seytkalievich was the initiator of the 4 international festivals: Festival orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments "Serper" Festival of Brass Bands "Astana samaly", "Shashu" festival of folk dance ensembles, name Nurgisa Tlendiev "Өz elim" music festival.

Deputy General Director on General issues

Artistic Director of the Department of classical and pop genres

Chief accountant of the financial and economic Department

Head of organizational Department

Шаршавитская Ольга Васильевна chief administrator

Балапанов Нурбол Саттарович Head of division on organization of concerts